Asante Academy Update

The Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine has requested a temporary suspension of their 'Approval for Development to Full Accreditation by the BAAB' until later in 2017. Consequently, all references to their relationship with the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board have been temporarily removed from our website and from their advertising.

The Board looks forward to welcoming Asante back into the accreditation process, to eventually join our group of accredited acupuncture teaching institutions. Asante has the potential to offer an excellent new course that could be very attractive to potential students.

Accreditation with the BAAB provides acupuncture courses with:

  • the opportunity to offer students a professional educatoin and training in acupunture equivalent to the majority of degree level healthcare courses
  • support and advice to develop their course
  • national recognition of a course as providing high standards of education and training
  • once fully accredited, graduates are automatically eligible for British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) membership with excellent benefits
  • joining a professional community of acupuncture educators

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