The Board’s Accredited Courses

BAAB accredited courses guarantee excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct

Accredited courses are taught at honours degree level, and embody the critical awareness and academic rigour commensurate with equivalent professional healthcare programmes at this level. Each teaching institution designs and develops its own curriculum, based on a total of 3,600 hours, of which a minimum of 400 hours must be spent in a clinical setting. A BAAB accredited course offers a thorough grounding in Chinese medicine theory together with physiology, anatomy and other western medical sciences, in order to provide an inte-grated understanding of both traditional eastern and modern western approaches to healthcare. Graduates of BAAB accredited courses are eligible to join the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the UK's lead governing body for acupuncture.

Fully Accredited Courses

These are courses that currently substantially meet the requirements of the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB). Scrutiny of these developed programmes has been through documentation, discussion with the course team, students and graduates of the programme, evidence of external examiner reports and students' assessed work and observation of teaching in the classroom, the clinic and online.

The institutions are listed in alphabetical order. For more details about each college or university course please click on the links.


College of Integrated Chinese Medicine


Acupuncture BSc (Hons)

"The style of acupuncture, which is unique to CICM, is an integration of Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. CICM offers a full time, 3 year course leading to a BSc (Hons) in Acupuncture validated by Kingston University, which may be studied either at weekends or during the week."

College of Naturopathic Medicine

London and Bristol

Acupuncture Diploma course

"CNM emphasises clinical excellence. Our Graduates are fully trained Acupuncturists  with additional supporting therapies and diagnostic tools such as  Nutrition and Detoxification, Naturopathy, First Aid Homeopathy, Tissue Salts, Bach Flower Therapy and  Iridology."

International College of Oriental Medicine UK

East Grinstead

Acupuncture BSc (Hons)

 "ICOM teaches all the main styles of acupuncture with a focus on classical Chinese medicine training, delivered in small groups, with personal attention and individual support; lifelong acupuncture careers are nurtured in this tranquil oldest established UK college."

London Southbank University


Chinese medicine: Acupuncture BSc (Hons)


Middlesex University


Acupuncture BSc (Hons)
Traditional Chinese Medicine BSc (Hons)

 *This university is not enrolling new students on their BSc (Hons) course

For information on their Professional Practice in Acupuncture MSc/PGDip see below under the Provisionally Accredited programmes.


Northern College of Acupuncture


Acupuncture BSc (Hons)
Acupuncture MSc

“The Northern College of Acupuncture was established in 1988 and is the only acupuncture training establishment in the North. We teach acupuncture rooted in the diverse traditions of Chinese medicine, and our students benefit from our experienced staff who are dedicated to producing well-rounded and confident acupuncturists. We have a strong commitment to research and, as well as our BSc in Acupuncture, we also offer one of the few MSc in Acupuncture programmes.”

Lincoln College


This exciting and innovative degree teaches acupuncture in a contemporary framework and fully encompasses the concept of ‘holism’. The course provides a comprehensive education and training in the principals and practice of acupuncture, the traditional way of understanding of the nature of illness, alongside health science disciplines. It is integrative in approach, linking traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and holism

University of Westminster


Chinese medicine Acupuncture BSc (Hons)

“Our learning is supported by the facilities of a large university in Central London with extensive library, IT, research and student services and close access to a range of top libraries - Wellcome, SOAS, British Library. The focus of the course is a very busy onsite teaching clinic with an ethnically diverse patient population, GP referrals and highly experienced supervisors to prepare you as professional and successful acupuncturists.”

Manchester Metropolitan University


 *This university is not enrolling new students
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The Acupuncture Academy

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Professional Licentiate in Acupuncture (Lic.Ac.)

  “The UK's only fully blended, professional acupuncture qualification, designed with busy people in mind, allowing students to really balance studying and work/family commitments.  This course is totally innovative, has a 96% student satisfaction rating, and covers all aspects of Chinese medical theory with a focus on the five elements.


Provisionally Accredited Courses

These courses demonstrate that they are likely to meet BAAB's requirements and are committed to ongoing development of the course towards Full Accreditation by BAAB. Scrutiny of the planned course has been through documentation and discussion with the course team. Graduates of these programmes are eligible to apply for BAcC membership through the individual application route.


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City College of Acupuncture


Professional Licentiate in Acupuncture (Lic.Ac.)

"Our highly experienced teaching team have known and worked with each other for many years and their passion for teaching has given them a strong desire to create student-centred, practical, hands-on courses, both steeped In the classics and relevant to the modern clinical environment. We are committed to providing high quality degree-level training delivered in small groups, allowing in depth understanding of all the various theories underpinning Chinese Medicine."

Middlesex University


Professional practice in Acupuncture MSc/PGDip

 "This programme provides a great opportunity to those who are already in the healthcare sector e.g. GPs, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, midwives and nurses etc, to study acupuncture at Middlesex University"

Institutions with New Programme Proposal

The following institutions have had their New Programme Proposal accepted by the BAAB. These are institutions that have stated their commitment to developing a course for accreditation by the BAAB and are planning to submit for Provisional Accreditation within two years. However, they have not yet submitted documentation for, or been subjected to scrutiny by BAAB for their suitability to be awarded provisional accreditation.

There are no teaching institutions currently in this category

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